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weddings, programs, notecards, tags and more!

wedding have been kicking my ass lately! This summer alone, we attended 4 weddings. In the past two weekends, we've been to 2 weddings, and today is another wedding(we're not attending). It's not attending that's keeping me busy, it's the last part of orders...programs, escort cards, table numbers...etc. Brides don't know what the ceremony program will consist of usually until after they speak to their officiant, or discuss how they want their ceremony to be, which in most cases become the last week before their wedding...this means, I have to kick it into high gear and design, produce, and package everything to be done by the wedding rehearsal. It's both exhilirating and exhausting...I get to see the entire suite together at the end but getting there means, many sleepness nights to make sure I finish everything. Thank goodness, my husband stays up with me and helps! =) I love what I do and actually don't mind staying up...there's no one to bother me, it's quiet, I can watch my shows while I work...=)

Here are the several jobs that I have finished up and have been working on for clients:

Youmee + Scott: programs, table numbers, and escort cards
Initially, we decided on a very simple program, but after seeing the info and to go with her design, I created a cute little booklet program:

The cover

inside booklet, 2 pages, both front / back printed

favorite photo...I love little details together like this. This reminds me of a back of a corset or something sexy. =)

Grace Lee: personalized notecards
My sister has been friends with Grace for quite sometime and I also knew her when she was a little ankle biter. But now she's getting married! Since she's not having many people at the wedding or bridesmaids, my sister and a couple of her friends surprised her with a little impromtu bridal shower before she gets hitched! They asked me to make some personalized notecards for her and I gladly obliged. She loves vintage. Here's my interpretation of what was eventually given to her:

Detail of the little vintage-y flowers I drew for her

Grace also has a cute little blog that she writes about her wedding prep, Together in the City, because she lives in NYC with her honey!

Cindy Ekk: Mommy's Great American Bake Sale
YUMMM...wish I was able to taste all the goodies! Cindy is my sister-in-law and she makes awesome baked goods and yummy korean food. She asked me to help her out with some tags that she needed. I thought that making them cute and little would be perfect. I made tags to hang on the baked goods as well as little stickers so that she can stick on the wrapped ones. She told me the colors were blue, green, and yellow, they needed to be simple, small, and the text that needed to be on them. I think I fulfilled all those requirements, right?? See for yourself!

This was my favorite part...designing all these cute little baked stuff! It made me want brownies so I made some. =)

Roseann + Mike: programs, escort cards, table numbers
I've been working with this couple for a few months now and today is the wedding day!!! CONGRATULATIONS!! They're the cutest couple! I saw them last night to drop off the programs and being there with all their very young bridal party and friends, I realized how old I was. I was saying things like "They're so cute!" the way my parents would say about little kids... I don't know what to say about this. But regardless, they're so freaking cute together!
For their programs, I got the idea from a friend, Nancy. She got married in June and the programs were nicely compact and clean. (Nancy just started an event coordination business, so holla if you need any assistance!!) So with that idea, I pulled together Roseann and Mike's programs.
full suite

inside, accordian fold style

All in all, these past couple months have been busy but loving every moment of it! More updates will be coming soon...hawaii wedding and a philly couple to post about!