Olive Hue is a boutique stationery studio started by Jane Jeon and formed out of love for the arts. In an age of emails, texts, and all things digital, we are on a mission to revive the lost art of written communication. Inspired by the outdoors, organic materials, illustrative linework, patterns, calligraphy, and fresh colors, Olive Hue provides delightful bespoke stationery to fit all occasions!


Girls Day Out!

I'm proud to say that I have such an amazing and beautiful friend dedicated to a foundation providing women with resources to empower themselves for a successful future.  I've known this girl since our days with the Study Abroad program through our Cal State schools.  We lived in Italy together, laughed, played, and got to know each other better throughout these years.  She has always had a huge heart and this time around, she's organizing a benefit for the Catholic Big Brothers Big Sisters of LA presented by the LEAP foundation.  This isn't her full time job, so putting on an event like this just shows how dedicated she is to this organization!
It's an afternoon of spa treatments and shopping!  What more can a girl ask for? All in one place together!
Get your TICKETS now!

I'll also be there as a vendor!  I'll be there with boxes of stationery for you!  Letterpress and flat printed!

There will be spa treatments, food, and an array of shopping vendors!  As an added bonus, 20% of all my sales, as well as the other vendors that day, will be donated to the Big Brothers Big Sister come out and relax while supporting a good cause!  I'll be so happy to see you!!  I might just do a happy dance for you! :)

Sunday, February 21
12pm - 5pm
@ Randee St. Nicholas Studio
528 N. La Brea Ave.
LA, CA 90036


bad jane, bad!

Lately I've been a horrible horrible blogger and haven't posted much!  Being busy is such a blessing and I grateful for all the work that has come my way this early in 2010!  But I think I need to manage my time better to blog regularly! eek!

After our photoshoot in early January, I was invited by Bonnie Tsang to join her, Adrienne Gunde, and Trini Randazzo for "Real Talk over Real Food".  It's being started by Bonnie Tsang as one of her own personal goals this year to meet people in our industry and discuss issues and questions within our industry.

It was such an eye opening experience with these talented ladies!  Check out the blog for the questions asked and our candid answers.  An added bonus of Bonnie's wonderful photography during our meeting!


Utterly Engaged Party

Calling all brides, newly engaged, wedding enthusiasts....I know I mentioned this before but if you haven't gotten your ticket, whaddya waiting for?  RSVP here!


puppies and par-tay!

I am so blessed and excited for all the things going on in my life!  For one, we just moved into a gorgeous condo in LA!  We are now living in the windsor village of hancock park area...there's a park right across the street, bank at the top of the street and all the great LA eateries right at our fingertips!  I'm especially thankful for my hunky hunky who is working full time and yet, has the energy to put up with my shenanigans!  I know it's a longer drive than before so I'm really glad that he loves our new place and enjoys it!  We have so many things that we're going to do to make it our home so stay tuned!

NEXT:  Our little Everest...

did this with Juneau (our other rascal):

(yes, that is hunky hunky being silly and posing with his butt against those two...they're stuck because they just did the dirty dirty)

And had these:

puppies!!! 4 to be exact, but one died so we're left with 3.  They're the cutest rat looking puppies I've ever seen!!  They're 3 days old today, so we're super excited when they can open their eyes and play with us!

Next up...remember this post?  Well, after months of planning, it finally happened!  We were SO happy of the outcome and all the little details!  Here's to a great team! *muah* (imagine a "Dating Game" kinda kiss! lol!)
Nancy of So Happi Together pulled together an amazing shoot that lasted all day with TONS of great images!  Unfortunately, we can't show them yet but they are being edited as we!  Hopefully, these will be a feast for your eyes!!  Can you tell that I can hardly wait?

Then to bring things to a close....the Utterly Engaged team is throwing a huge 2010 kick off party!!  If you were unable to celebrate the New Year, just want to continue the celebration, getting married, engaged, or just a wedding enthusiast...this is DEFINITELY the party for you!  There are 14 teams of planners, florists, stationers, bakers, etc...that are formed to design a tablescape.  The team that I am going to collaborate with for the paper goods are Courtney of Joyful Weddings & Carissa of JL designs!  SUPER talented ladies that I'm humbled and honored to be a part of!
This friendly competition is a fun way to find the best of the best tablescape that goes along with the theme of the party.  If you want to see the theme or check out all the amazing tablescapes, make sure you register for a ticket and come!!  Bring you're friends, husbands, wives, fiance's!!  Also, if you're engaged and need to find vendors, this is the PERFECT party for you!
Hopefully, we see you all there and have a great time together!




Below are the 3 winners from last week's giveaway.  Congratulations to all 3 on winning this 2010 calendar!  To all who commented, thank you greatly for your support and come back and look out for more contests on new stationery that I'll be debuting soon!

No. 33: Mich commented:  "oops! i don't have a calendar yet! haha this is so pretty!  ps - the security code thing i have to write right now is "butsaiva" - butt saver???"  (puahahaha! I was laughing so hard when I read this comment!, thanks Mich!)

No. 42: Mandy commented: "Such a pretty calendar!"  (Thank you! and enjoy your new calendar!)

No. 78: Julia commented: "Oh it is so pretty!"  (You are all too sweet!)

In case you still want a calendar, please feel free to visit my shop!  If you want more than one, convo me and I'll send you a reserve item! :)
I hope everyone has a wonderful 2010 and may many many wishes come true this year!



sneak peek

Hello!!  We moved!  Finally!  Officially! Keys in hand, furniture here!  We're in love with this place and I did a happy dance and made hunky hunky follow me down the hall! :)  So although I hate moving, this is my life lately.  But exciting things coming up soon!  very soon...muahaha! {twisting of the fake mustache with two fingers kkk}
So with that out of my system, I've been commissioned by our fabulous team of vendors for our photoshoot upcoming Tuesday to make something out of paper.  Here's the little thing in progress:
If you remember from one of my past posts, I went bananas with these paper flowers!  I now am more versed and definitely figured out some tricks!  So exciting to see the whole thing coming together!  Until then, I will be crossing my fingers and hoping for the best!



my love for tools

A lot of people may not know this about me but I love my tools!  I was super excited when I bought my first Dewalt drill.  I even get nervous when hunky hunky uses it! LOL!  It might be because I used to do yard work and help my dad fix things around the house when we were little (he has 5 daughters, so one of us had to be the 'son') or it might be because I majored in sculpture while I was in college.  Regardless, I love tools.  So it was perfect when I got a call last night to design some stationery for a client who wanted masculine looking notecards.
Here are the inspirations I had today...

A men's watch, needle nose pliers, and regular pliers. (It's easy to find these things at our place b/c, did I mention, I love tools! Home Depot! ::swoon::)
Here's what I came up with:



It's now officially been 4 days since 2010 started. If you haven't gotten with it and don't have a 2010 calendar, don't fret!  I'm going to choose 3 people at random (via to receive a free 2010 calendar!  All you have to do is leave a comment! (sorry! facebook comments not applicable)
I'll be choosing the random winner next week, Monday, January 11.  Comment away people!

Anthro + Italy!

I was going through my usual routine (working while going through the anthro catalog...yes, I can only multitask when it involves anthro) and came across this beautiful new January ad campaign.  It's brings a breath of fresh air and so simple!

Better and I

Yesterday was our 1st year anniversary!  It flew by!  I feel so blessed and grateful for hunky hunky.  He's been my rock all throughout but 2009 was definitely one for the books.  I lost my job and was pretty depressed for awhile (but replaced it with a wonderful one!), my uncle got cancer and is undergoing treatment, my grandma got very sick and my mom and I had to take turns every other day going to see her to take care of her for about 1.5 mo....but through all this, hunky hunky has been there for me to give me a shoulder to lean on when I was too tired and stressed out.  He's supported me through this crazy endeavor of starting up the stationery business too!  Don't get me wrong, we're not perfect (AT ALL, lol!) and we have those moments, but overall, I'm lucky!
So for our 1st year, I wanted to give him the traditional wedding gifts, which for year no. 1 is paper! HOW APPROPRIATE!  I just wish every year was paper....with the exception of the diamond one! :) LOL!
I designed a poster, which I call: Better Together...You and I.  I love type so I incorporated a lot of different typefaces (Spencerian, Helvetica, one I don't remember the name to, and another one I just designed all by myself!) So without further ado:

the middle section where it says "1st meet" & "1st date" are brief descriptions of those times.  It's still funny because I can still remember when i saw him walking towards me at the Puente Hills Mall wearing khaki's and a  sweater.  It was summer so I was wearing a jean mini skirt and a pink tank.  Now that I think about it, we were so opposite! LOL!
We finished off our celebration with oysters, mussels, shrimp, and Avatar.  I love you hunky hunky!