Olive Hue is a boutique stationery studio started by Jane Jeon and formed out of love for the arts. In an age of emails, texts, and all things digital, we are on a mission to revive the lost art of written communication. Inspired by the outdoors, organic materials, illustrative linework, patterns, calligraphy, and fresh colors, Olive Hue provides delightful bespoke stationery to fit all occasions!


Get back to my roots

I'm not calling this a resolution because I don't think I need to resolve anything.  I want to continue doing what I do and live by: "Do what you love, Love what you do" idea.  That's why, it's more of a to-do list:

In 2010, I will DO:

- draw something everyday.  Even if it's small, dumb, or nonsense, I will draw...gotta get back to my roots.
- file EVERYTHING.  I can't stand paperwork that's sitting around for no reason but strangely, I have paperwork sitting around not being filed.
- finish my website!! this one is a big one.  If I'm going to gain more clients, I need to have some sort of visual portfolio, right?

AND....biggest of all
- be more family oriented.  Hopefully hunky hunky and I will have some news to share soon?



2009 comes to an end

I'm so thankful for 2009.  We started off the year with our wedding, got a second puppy (now the first one is prego!!), moving to a new home, and starting to think about our own little family!  It's been a whirlwind but I've had so many great clients too!  I look forward to 2010 with new and exciting jobs, meetings, crazy wedding season flurry, family, friends, and puppies!! :)

Although, I've been really bad with posting this holiday season (who am I kidding, in general I'm not very good at consistently posting).  But one of my plans for 2010 is to post more often.
With that said, for me a post is always more fun with here's a close to 2009 and ring in 2010!! *jump* yay! (think of the old toyota commercial jumps!)

Balloons....were a huge hit this year with brides!  I saw them everywhere and loved all the different images.

(via ffffound)

(via ffffound)

2009 was also the year to rock themes for weddings: Rustic Vintage (think mason jars & homemade pies), Carnivals (colors and lollipops), Confetti (a fun way to add tons of color and texture) and overall fun fun fun!  Brides are getting more and more creative and it's amazing to look at images of different weddings!

(via ffffound)

(via ffffound)

(via ffffound)

(inspiration board by Snippet & Ink)

I always LOVE Indian / Pakistan vibrant, colorful, and energetic.

(photos above by Connie M Chung Photography)

And who can forget PAPER!!! I love paper and what better way to end the last post of the year with paper!

(above photos via Martha Stewart)

And last but not all time favorite wedding photo!!


Field of colors

Coming from a fine art background, I'm always drawn to conceptual and theoretical pieces.  Not many people (not even hunky hunky) understand why I love to love this, but I do. :)
One of my all time favorite artist is Jessica Stockholder.  She is amazing with her color references and structures.  Her site specific installations create a space to space relationship that completely overwhelms with color and shapes.  She calls them "paintings in space" (sited), which is a perfect description for her pieces.




I was reminded of Jessica Stockholder when I came across this post from Oh Joy!...Helga Steppan

(photos: via Helga Steppan)

papier de toilette

I'm going to admit something that is part embarrassing, part joyful, part crafty...I'm a bit of a pack rat.  Not like those "Clean House" & "Oprah" episodes where people are living wall to wall, floor to ceiling with things from the 1800's.  No.  I like to "collect" things that I think I will be able to use for later projects or stuff.  For example, I collect buttons.  I don't know if it's due to my grandmother having a huge wicker basket full of ALL kinds of amazing buttons when we were growing up, but I love how they're such a practical thing for clothes, linens, etc...and yet so complex in all the different designs.  I don't purchase them.  I find them or I'll take those extra's that come with clothing in case one falls off of your clothes.  (I won't steal them from the unsold clothing at the store either! Only my purchased clothing...for ME...or hunky hunky)  I have no idea what I'll do with them.  I just like to know that they are there in case I do need them.  Another friend of mine, Helen of Helen Oh Jewelry mentioned on her blog that she collects toilet paper rolls because she thinks that she could use them in multiple crafty projects later on.  Which FINALLY brings me to this gorgeous display of toilet paper rolls or more elegantly put: papier de

UH-MAY-ZING, no???  Statement from the artist:
Toilet rolls sprouting spreading branches are hung to create a “forest” hanging on the wall or hanging down from the ceiling. There is a moment when the hanging cut-out-parts start holding their branches and leaves on their own strength. It is as if I’m helping the paper awakens its ability to be an individual tree.

(photos: via Yuken Teruya)


LOVE these patterns in their ad campaign

(photo: via Black Eiffel)


No. 1

year anniversary!  coming up very very soon!  I don't know what we're going to do yet.  But I've been planning a little themed project based on the traditional gifts for year favorite i think of the list...PAPER!  What better way to celebrate our first year, well at least for me!  So many projects and ideas floating around.  Very soon, I'll post the goods. peace.



Daily Drop Cap is one of my all time favorite sites to visit...How gorgeous is that J?  *sigh* I only posted this because my name starts with a J and so does my married last name.  But ALL of Jessica Hische's initial cap is gorgeous!  This one in particular reminds me of a luxurious Parisian woman in a bustier sipping on caffe and nibbling on some macaroons!  mad love for Jessica!
(J from Daily Drop Cap of Jessica Hische)


beautiful and new!

Colab 2009 @ Gallery Nucleus

I participated as a vendor in a craft / art show this past Sunday at Gallery Nucleus.  There were so many great vendors that I met and so much eye candy!  I had been eyeing some artwork on the walls...paper cutout pieces of course, but the one I loved was sold!  Which might have been a good thing!

While I was there, I couldn't resist and started to look around.  I picked up a trade from LovMely...a cute headband that I rocked immediately!  I can't wait to wear it again! :) I also picked up great earrings from Helen Oh Jewelry (my fantastic booth mate!).  We've decided we're booth mates for life!  I saw my old friends from Eon Creative, the oh-so-sweet & funny Ryan from Simply Green Solutions, and staff at Gallery Nucleus.  Good times!

Our little booth...Helen's to the right, I'm to the left with all my diy display! you can see me hiding behind the display to the left :)

Me and Helen before the show opened.  We're holding an anthro-inspired project I started and decided not to decorate my booth with...i had to edit.

me with my new 2010 calendars! get it HERE!!
Thank you to all my wonderful friends coming out to support!  Nancy, Eddie, Kenny, Erika, Ji, Bo Young, Nava, Elise, Desi & Family, Emily, Joel...thank you!!!!
(all photos taken by Youkeun Oh via Helen Oh...yes they're husband and creative couple!)


Craft Good Cheer V.2

Last week I blogged about the Craft Good Cheer event last Thursday night hosted by Paige of Bash Eco Events and Kelly of Yes, Please.  I woke up this morning to tweets {yes, i caved and joined twitter...i'm now a's like a whole new world!} from Paige with pictures from the amazing Raya!  I was so excited to see the recap of the night, i jumped out of my warm bed and ran to my computer!

Check out the rest of the photos H E R E!  I'm excited for the next holiday 2010!

Etsy shop....

NOW OPEN!!  There are only two different items, but I'm still loading them as the days progress!  ch ch check it out! :)

I'll be back with new of Colab, flowers, stationery, meet and greets, and my crazy life.  In the meantime, I was browsing through my photos and swooned!  I wanna someone to take a photo of me like this:

Although I highly doubt, I'll look as leggy and thin as this Dior model.  Big and chunky maybe?...for you know who! ;)


Craft Good Cheer | updates and news...

On Thursday evening, I was delighted to join Nancy {So Happi Together} and Connie {Connie M. Chung Photography} for a girly time!  First, we met at a fitting for our models {Nicole ...I have gorgeous friends!} that will be part of our photoshoot coming up in excited!  All the dresses were so amazingly beautiful...I wanted to pull out my wedding dress and just pose with them!
After we finished up with the fittings, we headed over to the Urban Craft Center in Santa Monica...a little gem of a place with all things crafts!  Paige of Bash Eco Events and Kelly of Yes, Please!, Succulent Love, & Cuppie Love hosted an amazing night of crafting, great company, music, yummy food (more mash potatoes please!), desserts, and even a photobooth from Photobooth Love!  Throughout the night, I ran into many people from the blogger was like a celebrity siting! :)
So happy to also meet Sandra Pan {check out her photos of the night here}...There were so many people that we met (check out Nancy's full rundown of the meet and greet that night!}.  I feel super excited and recharged as a wedding vendor to meet others in the industry so creative and sweet!

All during this fun and girl time (which I desparately needed!), I have also been prepping for the Colab Craft / Art show at Gallery Nucleus upcoming tomorrow.  You've probably heard me talking about it everytime I open my mouth, blog, facebook, text, etc....Just spreading the word, you know? :)  Well, it's finally here, actually tomorrow and I'm pumped because I have all new goodies to show!  I produced a small letterpress calendar, gift tags, and notecards & flat printed holiday cards, greeting cards, and 'ready-made' DIY holiday cards.  Here's what I've been working on (still working!! eek!)
This is the tear-away wall calendar...only $10!!  If you get a second one, it'll be $8...what a deal, no?

detail shot
I'll also be selling the calendars without the calendar part, so you can use it as a photo card and send it to your friends and family!

A set of the letterpress gift tags

detail of the gift that ocean blue!

And this is my pride and diy displays and signage!  Forgive me for the lame background...this spot has the best lighting in this place though!  I love type, so I made the signs with as many different fonts as possible!  Looks like someone couldn't make up her mind! :)

Hopefully the rain doesn't stop people from coming! Stop by and say hi! I'll be upstairs in booth 27! see you soon!


i think i'm addicted

to styrofoam...
I can't stop making displays and things for the craft show.  Styrofoam is so easy to shape and to smooths out with a little sandpaper.  This time, I made a little business card holder...


I've been getting ready for the CoLab Craft / Art Show coming up...ahem...on December 13th @ Gallery Nucleus, Booth 27...I realized that I didn't have a good display set up for my stationery.  Since my whole world involves paper, I decided to make use of it and go nuts...paper flowers!  My inspiration came from a few posts ago, which I've been drooling over.  It is seriously a gorgeous display of paper flowers!  I'm definitely not a Carol Gearing, but I think it's okay for what I have.  I just started tonight and have been sitting here since 8pm cutting, shaping, folding, gluing all these parts and layers to make one.  I've made 11 so far and they don't seem too bad, I hope!  The photo below is when I had just started, a little sneak peak if you will!
I made the display out of styrofoam and stacked them into steps with a little lip made with a piece of wooden dowels I bought from Joann's.  This idea for the actual display was from here.  I followed simple directions and tweaked it a little to fit my needs.  After, I wrapped it with kraft paper and added dowels going up the back edges so that I could put a little sign that goes across later.
It's a nifty little display and I'm quite proud of my construction!  With two displays made it only cost me around $25....very proud of that!  I'll use it as my shrine to stationery in my home after the show until I show again somewhere else!  Here's the mess I made and some detail shots of the flowers. Enjoy!


Project: So Happi Together

A friend / fellow blogger / wedding event planner I know just wrote about this so I wanted to share and let you all know about a project that I and a few other vendors have been collaborating on.  Just recently, we have been inundated with blog posts and different vendors putting together photoshoots.  It just so happens that we have been doing the same thing!  We started planning about a few months ago and since it was wedding season, the shoot has been scheduled for very excited!  All the vendors are extremely talented and creative.  Can't wait to show you all the real deal but until then here's a couple sneak peaks courtesy of So Happi Together Event Design & Coordination