Olive Hue is a boutique stationery studio started by Jane Jeon and formed out of love for the arts. In an age of emails, texts, and all things digital, we are on a mission to revive the lost art of written communication. Inspired by the outdoors, organic materials, illustrative linework, patterns, calligraphy, and fresh colors, Olive Hue provides delightful bespoke stationery to fit all occasions!


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This etsy seller has the cutest little ceramic bowls for the kitchen-ista!
found H E R E


I used to study Jewelry Design for about 2.5 years in college.  I eventually graduated with a degree in drawing and painting BUT jewelry has always had a part of my heart.
Stay tuned for your jewelry finds and news in the upcoming weeks ahead...but for your viewing pleasure, a sneak peek:



new illustration that I've been working on for a client



This is completely unrelated to design, types or swashes...but SO deserves a post!
If you don't know, our doggies got it on and made puppies...cute ones at that!  They're West Highland White Terriers aka Westies.  I love these pups!  As loud, crazy, and sometimes annoying as they are, they still make me want to cuddle with them all the time.
They were born January 11, 2010 (2 days after we moved into our new home!!)
a little rat-like i know...but it just get better!

they're pros when it comes to sleeping...

...and more sleeping

at around 2 weeks, they started to form black noses and black paws

from the bottom up:
miss piggy (you can guess why)
bruno (b/c he's juneau's son and will only have UNO ball like juneau)
miss john malkovich (hunky hunky said that her profile resembled john malkovich when she was newborn)

NOW! @ 4.5 weeks! they're huge!! fatsos and cutie pies all in one! I'll keep you posted with growth updates and shenanigans! :) enjoy the totally unrelated post!


This is why I love Anthropologie

Window display: Anthropologie @ the Grove, used water bottles cut and sprayed for a springtime visual


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I think I've had a dose of good luck serum this week!  2 features in one week!  Both with amazingly talented people!  I feel so blessed to be a part of such a great group of ladies all the time!  So let's start from the beginning:

For those of you who don't know or have been hiding in a closet for years, Style Me Pretty is a huge blog that attracts many brides, vendors, designers, wedding aficionados from all over.  They always have eye candy and great inspirational weddings and events that are featured.  So as I was dreaming away of possibly getting mentioned as Olive Hue Paper Goods on SMP, it happened!!  I was asked to be part of a photoshoot with a super-star team of Jessica Claire (Photographer), JL Designs (floral + event styling), Jesi Haack (Wedding planner), My Sweet and Saucy (Baker).  They told me what the design aesthetic was, florals, colors, location...I put together a cute little invitation with a cable knit sweater cozy + button, menus, and place cards.
Check out the entire post for Winter Wedding I & II on Style Me Pretty!


Next, since this Sunday is the ultimate and official day of wining and dining + romance, I was asked to be a part of another shoot led by my dear Nancy of So Happi Together (Wedding planner).  She wanted to incorporate a specific design element and I worked with her on different ideas and pieces for the stationery, shot ideas back and forth and came up with THE CUTEST (i think!) design!  We also worked with AMAZINGLY talented ladies! Connie M Chung (photographer), Floral Elements throughout the day to come up with a great shoot!  Summer of Grey Likes Weddings (LOVE HER BLOG!) has a great eye for design, styling, and shoots so when she said she would feature this shoot, we were super happy!!
Make sure you hop on over to Grey Likes Weddings to see the entire feature AND make sure you read the reason why we picked the colors, design, and choice of food.  If you're Korean, you'll be intrigued!!

Ink and Button

I have short hair...really short, I-need-a-scarf-because-the-back-of-my-neck-is-cold short.  But I love wearing different hair accessories.  So I've resorted to headbands.  I got my last one at the Colab craft fair and have also started a collection of fabric flower clips but I just saw these and just about drooled over them.  They're super cute!!
and this one is my fave:
Aren't they so cute! And the great thing is that you can wear them with so much stuff....well at least all my clothes!  Plus, how cute would they be for your bridesmaids or favors at a bridal shower or baby shower! Love it!  Anyway, stop by her etsy shop H E R E and support the handmade arts!


Colab 2009 @ Gallery Nucleus part II

This past December I participated as a vendor with my friend, Helen of Helen Oh Jewelry, in the Colab craft / art show at Gallery Nucleus.  Out of college, Gallery Nucleus was my first art job.  If you know anything about me, I'm an art snob and went to school for a degree in Drawing & Painting.  So when I interviewed for this job, I was so nervous!  But I soon realized all of my co-workers were like me! :) quirky and LOVED art.  I eventually moved onto another gallery soon after started my own business.  So when they asked me to be a part of this show, I was thrilled!

While I was roaming around taking a look at all the goodies, I came across this loverly shop...LovMely!  All her hair accessories are divine!  I chose one and made a vendor swap!  Love it!  I wear it all the time!  Visit her etsy shop!

This stationery co. sells letterpress cards and they're oh-so-cute!  I met the two owners of Fugu Fugu Press and they're oh-so-sweet!

and this is from my booth-mate, Helen!  Here jewelry is amazing and easy to wear as well as dress up.  Her pieces are unique and fresh.  Check out her etsy shop H E R E.
(photos above courtesy of Simply Green Solutions flickr)
Here's me with my stuff! 
with all my handmade flowers and display in their blooming glory...haha
For my second display, I had flowers all over it but I wanted to add something different too, so I took my exacto knife and eyeballed a butterfly wing pattern.  I don't recommend doing this though...I should have printed a pattern first.  
If you've ever been a vendor, this is the best of the best in craft show diets, tacos from Eat My Taco...We were spoiled with Helen's husband {Youkeun of Youkeun Oh Photography} bringing us goodies and taking the photos.  Plus there was a farmer's market going on behind the building so we got red velvet cupcakes and HONEY STICKS!  That plus my venti americano totally kept me wired throughout the day!  I wasn't able to get any sleep the night before due to a traffic accident with my dog (he's TOTALLY fine now, he's super dog), but the energy at the show helped me also.
If you weren't able to make it to the show, stop by my etsy shop and take a gander at my small stash of stationery!  I'm also starting to offer the paper flowers for clients...great for garlands, small or large ornaments, or just decorative pieces here and there! :)  Pictures will be up soon!
Look out for the next issue of Utterly Engaged!  Photoshoot including my stationery will be featured!  The current issue is definitely a "Tear Jerker"...If you haven't subscribed for the first online wedding e-zine, sign up now!  You won't be disappointed!