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Nancy & Eddie: wedding

A few weeks ago, we attended a wedding of my high school friends. We all had so many fond memories sitting on stoops talking about Simpson's episodes, walking to each others houses before parents got home, staying out as long as we could before getting in trouble, and pretty much playing our junior and senior year. Two of those friends got married to each other and it was a beautiful wedding!

Bel Air Presbyterian is a gorgeous church...Here are the two announced as husband and wife!

First Dance

This is pre-dip...look at that dress! It was gorgeous!

Our little trio...we didn't have sadie hawkins dates one year so we just wore matching outfits and took pics together...this reminded me of that photo.

Below is the calli/illustration that I personalized on their envelope for them:

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Queen Happyberry said...

aw... thanks, babe!! it was so great to have you there and i LOVED your card! I wish I had had the time to ask you to do our calligraphy but everything ended up being so last minute! eh. maybe for our ten-year vow renewals? lol. we married ladies need to get together soon! when?!