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bargains for the head

Lately, I just cut my hair super short, like above my chin short...but I've been obsessed with hair accessories and hats! Don't know why! I guess it's my girly side exposing her true colors!
I think these are worth a gander...they're so cute!
all from.....drum roll please.....TARGET! and they're all $ worth it!

all these are from Anthropologie...They're definitely not Target prices, but so darn cute too! I love each one of these. I imagine myself in different scenarios wearing the different hats. teehee...


Queen Happyberry said...

go to love forever, forever 21's accessory store! they have so many cute head bands right now, it's ridiculous!

did you banner change or am i losing my mind? in any case, very cute!

Connie M. Chung said...

i love hats!