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Baby Shower: Bo Young & Ji's Invite & Wedding: Andy & Tracy

Just recently I had the honor of co-hosting a baby shower for my sister and brother-in-law.  They're expecting their first!  We invited friends and family and had a blast eating and playing cheesy baby games. :)

I designed and produced the invitations for the shower and wanted to make them whimsical and cute.  Something Bo Young and Ji could hold onto and look at as a reminder for their baby Jabez before he was born.  The colors were muted blues, greens, and aquas and we tried to stick to that as much as possible, mostly in part to my obsessive nature of wanting things to look coordinated. :)  But that's not a bad thing, right?

Here are the invitations:

Here is the happy and very prego couple!

All the little details were due in part to my two other sisters-in-law who kicked ass in prepping!
Hunky-Hunky's younger sis (just nickname for my husband, which he hates, but i love it, so i win!) made this diaper cake...super cute!

We had a dessert & candy bar for favors and to eat during the little shin-dig.  I loved it!  You may not be able to see it in the photo, but I thought it would be cute to add little tags to each jar so people would know what kind of candy it was.  It's not an original idea, but definitely worth the little detail.

And I know these are waaaay played out, but we had to!! :)

menu consisted of:
Cucumber salad
Cheese & crackers
Pita & Hummus
Seafood Stuffed mushrooms
Baked Brie with Cranberries and Walnuts in French brioche
Mini spicy steak sandwiches with carmelized onions & peppers
Portobello fries with lemon aioli
comment below with your email if you want the recipes!

Whats a party without cheese!

Baked Brie (cheated on this one...Costco!)

This is really my own recipe...Mini spicy steak sandwiches.  I kind of "Sandra Lee" this, but it was still a hit!

I wanted to make this ever since I ate it at Bottega Louie in downtown.  Seriously, so good!

Red Velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting & sprinkles

Thanks to my sister-in-law Susan for hosting AND helping make food at her home & to sister-in-law Cindy for being so shik-shik-hae (awesome!) and leaving her son at home just to come and help!


WOW...onto the next.
I met this couple, Andy and Tracy, this past summer.  They contacted me and asked me about invitation suites.  So when I met them, I thought it would be the usual bride comes with ideas and the groom inputs a little here and there.  But this couple was awesome!  The groom had been an event planner / marketer for clubs in the past, so he knew what he was doing!  This was HIS element.  :)  Tracy and Andy let me know what they wanted and we went right to work...They wanted to go with a lovebird theme so I obliged and designed a cute little invite with all the fixin's.  Their wedding is this weekend so I had to finish up programs and escort cards.
250 programs waiting to be packaged up!

All done and ready to go!


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