Olive Hue is a boutique stationery studio started by Jane Jeon and formed out of love for the arts. In an age of emails, texts, and all things digital, we are on a mission to revive the lost art of written communication. Inspired by the outdoors, organic materials, illustrative linework, patterns, calligraphy, and fresh colors, Olive Hue provides delightful bespoke stationery to fit all occasions!


Letterpress by L

I don't know how I feel about this.  Although, it's an ingenious idea of bringing the years old art form of letterpress home, as a stationer, I feel a little betrayed.  The other part of me wants the machine and wants to try it out!
Here's what I'm talking about...

It's the new letterpress kit by Lifestyle.  Paper Source jumped on it and is now selling it.  At 150$ it's definitely been released as a $$ maker for the holiday season!  I'm curious to see what the feedback and reviews will be.  What do you think about this little new discovery?  Does it break the years old tradition of movable type?

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