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Oh my Connie!

My dear friend just got engaged a couple weeks ago! Connie and I have been friends since our parents shipped us out to Korea for a month long excursion to find out about our roots...that was at age 11. We met at the airport and immediately took a liking to each other. After returning from Korea, I felt like I found my other half. We giggled and talked on the phone almost everyday racking up our parents phone bills to 400$ or more...then ultimately forced to be pen pals because of the ban on the phone calls from our parents!
Through all those years, Connie joined the air force, I was in LA, Connie moved everywhere, I was in LA...haha, get the picture? Although we couldn't see each other as often as we wanted, whenever we did see each other, it was as if we saw each other everyday. She was always the steadfast friend, never ever turning away from me and always reaching out, as a great friend should.
So, when she told me she was engaged, I WAS ESTATIC! I loved my wedding and wished I could do everything all over again! Instead, I get to help with Connie's wedding and be honored to be her bridesmaid!
There's nothing I wouldn't do for this girl and LOVE her to death! I cherish all my girlfriends!

Connie, me, and lisa enduring the 101 degree heat in line for the Conan O'Brien show

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Lisa said...

awww u guys are so cute. connie's lucky to have a friend like you to help out w/ the wedding and we're lucky to have a friend like connie b/c we're always laughing when we're with her!