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Craft Good Cheer | updates and news...

On Thursday evening, I was delighted to join Nancy {So Happi Together} and Connie {Connie M. Chung Photography} for a girly time!  First, we met at a fitting for our models {Nicole ...I have gorgeous friends!} that will be part of our photoshoot coming up in excited!  All the dresses were so amazingly beautiful...I wanted to pull out my wedding dress and just pose with them!
After we finished up with the fittings, we headed over to the Urban Craft Center in Santa Monica...a little gem of a place with all things crafts!  Paige of Bash Eco Events and Kelly of Yes, Please!, Succulent Love, & Cuppie Love hosted an amazing night of crafting, great company, music, yummy food (more mash potatoes please!), desserts, and even a photobooth from Photobooth Love!  Throughout the night, I ran into many people from the blogger was like a celebrity siting! :)
So happy to also meet Sandra Pan {check out her photos of the night here}...There were so many people that we met (check out Nancy's full rundown of the meet and greet that night!}.  I feel super excited and recharged as a wedding vendor to meet others in the industry so creative and sweet!

All during this fun and girl time (which I desparately needed!), I have also been prepping for the Colab Craft / Art show at Gallery Nucleus upcoming tomorrow.  You've probably heard me talking about it everytime I open my mouth, blog, facebook, text, etc....Just spreading the word, you know? :)  Well, it's finally here, actually tomorrow and I'm pumped because I have all new goodies to show!  I produced a small letterpress calendar, gift tags, and notecards & flat printed holiday cards, greeting cards, and 'ready-made' DIY holiday cards.  Here's what I've been working on (still working!! eek!)
This is the tear-away wall calendar...only $10!!  If you get a second one, it'll be $8...what a deal, no?

detail shot
I'll also be selling the calendars without the calendar part, so you can use it as a photo card and send it to your friends and family!

A set of the letterpress gift tags

detail of the gift that ocean blue!

And this is my pride and diy displays and signage!  Forgive me for the lame background...this spot has the best lighting in this place though!  I love type, so I made the signs with as many different fonts as possible!  Looks like someone couldn't make up her mind! :)

Hopefully the rain doesn't stop people from coming! Stop by and say hi! I'll be upstairs in booth 27! see you soon!

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everours said...

jane, you've got some seriously beautiful things here! amazing! so great to meet you and hopefully we'll get a chance to talk more!