Olive Hue is a boutique stationery studio started by Jane Jeon and formed out of love for the arts. In an age of emails, texts, and all things digital, we are on a mission to revive the lost art of written communication. Inspired by the outdoors, organic materials, illustrative linework, patterns, calligraphy, and fresh colors, Olive Hue provides delightful bespoke stationery to fit all occasions!


love for paper

My love for paper has spiraled me into a business of stationery galore!  But this love for paper is simply gorgeous!

Carol Gearing...the genius behind the paper madness has created florals, trees, botanicals, butterflies, and other loverlies through scissors, knives, scalpel, and other tools in her magic bag.

This particular beauty is a bespoke piece in a perspex wall box...How lovely would that be to walk into someone's home and see this hanging on the wall!!  I'm definitely eyeing this!

I always say that nothing can come between a woman and her shoes...this combines a woman's favorite pastime and paper!  dreamy!

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Lisa P said...

wow... simply gorgeous!!